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New year, new DAF, new questions

Paccar are promoting the new DAF Euro 6 range of trucks for the European market and have released this video. Apart from the obvious promotional aspect of the video, it does stimulate a couple of questions Australians would probably like to know the answer to.

The new shape for the DAF looks good and will eventually end up in Australia, but how long in the future? The answer is likely to depend on whether the new design will fit with current engine technology as we are not expecting to see Euro 6 mandated here much before 2019.

The Paccar MX 11, now, this is an interesting engine. Kenworth are introducing the MX 13, this year, into their line up. Will the 11 litre option be offered, down the track, to Kenworth buyers whose trucks are at the lower end of the weight range and looking for a certain amount of power, but also very low tare?

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