New tool combats speed limiter tampering

Photi Mandicos, director of MyFleet.

MyFleet has introduced what it claims is an industry-first reporting tool which detects speed limiter tampering.

The company has developed a comprehensive monitoring solution that combines what it describes as best-in-class on board computing and sophisticated GPS tracking to accurately detect instances of speed limiter tampering.

Under Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations, owners, managers and contractors of transport companies can be held responsible for the tampering of speed limiters on heavy vehicles in their fleet. MyFleet says its new, sophisticated reporting tool provides organisations with peace of mind, knowing that instances of speed limiter tampering will be reported at the time of incident and can be dealt with immediately.

“From more than 10 years of industry experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the complexities involved in managing fleets in real-time and achieving compliance – particularly when it comes to speed limiter tampering,” said Photi Mandicos, director of MyFleet. “We developed this reporting tool because, first and foremost, we’re dedicated to achieving the highest levels of safety on Australian roads. Secondly, our clients are responsible suppliers that are looking for confirmation their drivers are acting lawfully. Our ability to actively compare two independent speed readings provides an industry-leading solution for speed limiter tampering.” 

The most accurate measurement of a truck’s speed is detected by its on-board engine computer. By comparing a truck’s recorded engine speed with its GPS speed, MyFleet is able to verify that an on-board computer is accurately recording the vehicle’s speed. Conversely, if a truck’s GPS device consistently detects higher speeds than those recorded by the on-board computer, MyFleet can immediately alert the organisation to a potential instance of speed limiter tampering.


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