New Power Options From Scania

new power options from Scania

With the release of new 540 hp engines in Australia, plus a global launch of hybrid and fully electric trucks, there are a series of new power options from Scania. 

Here in Australia, Scania has introduced a higher output, range-topping six-cylinder 13-litre Euro 6 engine for inter and intrastate haulage operators.

The new Scania 540 hp engine comes with 2700 Nm available between 1000 and 1300 rpm. This engine will be offered in the G-series mid-size, and the R-series full-size cabs, augmenting the six-cylinder engine range that was previously topped out with the 500 hp/2550 Nm variant. 

The 540 engine features Scania XPI fuel injection, and a new fixed geometry turbocharger, to help reach the new elevated output. The engine is mated to a Scania GRSO905R overdrive 14-speed gearbox, with ratios selected via the Scania fully automated Opticruise gearshift, and braking is assisted by the Scania R3500 Retarder.

new power options from Scania

“Scania is very pleased to add the 540 hp engine to the very successful six-cylinder 13-litre engine range,” said  says Dean Dal Santo, Director of Truck Sales for Scania Australia. “Since launch in Australia, the R 500 and G500 variants have been among our most popular as they offer an excellent mix of performance and economy.

“Scania continues to provide greater torque than its rivals at identical horsepower outputs and the new 540 is no different, giving our customers an advantage in terms of driveability and fuel efficiency.”

Meanwhile, in Europe, the new power options from Scania continue with its launch of its new range of electric and hybrid trucks. The plug-in hybrid and fully electric trucks initially focus on urban applications, including distribution to retailers. Over the coming years, Scania says it will continue to develop its range of electrified vehicles for all applications, including long-haulage and construction.

“It is with a great deal of pride that we announce the start of Scania’s long-term electrification commitment,” says Scania’s President and CEO Henrik Henriksson. “We will over the coming years annually launch electrified products for our entire range, and we are presently reorganising our production towards that end. Of particular significance is that we will in a few years’ time, also introduce long-distance electric trucks adapted for fast charging during drivers’ compulsory 45-minute rest periods.”

new power options from Scania
Scania battery electric vehicle charging

The Scania fully electric truck, offered with L and P-series cabs, is equipped with a 165–300 kWh battery pack for the 230 kW electric motor, equal to approximately 310 hp. Customers can select either five or nine batteries, the latter for a range of up to 250 km on a single charge.

Scania’s plug-in hybrid truck, also available for L and P-series cabs, provides opportunities to travel long distances in a combustion engine mode and subsequently drive up to 60 km in an electric mode when required. Combined with renewable fuel, operators can significantly reduce their climate impact.

Since the plug-in hybrid truck also has a combustion engine unit, the available space for batteries is less. It is equipped with three batteries for an installed capacity of 90 kWh for the 115 kW electric motor. The charging time from nil to 80 per cent is approximately 35 minutes and in addition to charging via regenerative braking energy, battery power can be topped up during loading and unloading. The electric powertrain is combined with a 280–360 hp combustion engine. The range in electric mode alone is 60 km.

new power options from Scania


new power options from Scania