New name for IAP service provider

Chris Koniditsiotis, chief executive of Transport Certification Australia.

Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA), the organisation administering the Intelligent Access Program (IAP), has announced that IAP service provider Vehicle Management Systems Pty Ltd (VMS) has changed its name to Ctrack Pty Ltd (Ctrack).

Chris Koniditsiotis, chief executive of TCA, welcomed the change, describing Ctrack as a company well established in European, Asian and African markets.

According to Max Verberne, managing director of Ctrack, “The local adoption of the Ctrack name was prompted by Digicore Holdings increasing its stake in VMS to become a majority shareholder.

“At Ctrack we support more than 1200 customers across Australia and New Zealand, with over 600,000 of our devices and services in use globally. We see an increasing awareness and adoption of certified telematics in the Australian road transport sector, which has grown through the expanding use of the IAP.”

Verberne went on to say that TCA certification provides IAP customers with assurance that the service provider is continually meeting the very highest standards across its business, including technology, business systems, organisational processes and customer service.

For his part, Chris Koniditsiotis was keen to stress that the name change will have no effect on the IAP services already being provided to customers of VMS.

“I look forward to working with Ctrack to support the growing needs of the road transport sector and governments now and into the future,” he said.

Further details about TCA can be found at

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