New low roof Renault Master van on its way

Van maker Renault are introducing a new low roof model, specifically designed to suit urban multi-drop work. By reducing the overall size in outer dimensions the van is reckoned to be more manageable in the tight city street delivery situations these kinds of vans habitually have to negotiate.




The overall size of the van, in terms of cubic capacity, sits half way between the smaller Trafic model and the full size Master. It’s 8 cubic metres cargo space is 33 percent more than the, longer, Trafic LWB. With an overall length of just over five metres it has a payload of 1.6 tonnes available.


The van has all of the usual features associated with the Master van, with 150 hp on tap from the 2.3 litre engine and a low entry to all of the cargo areas because of the front wheel drive configuration of the van.




What we have here is a trimmed down big van able to get into spaces normally only accessible to the smaller vans with GVMs under the 3 tonne cut-off. Van manufacturers only learn these lessons when they are actually selling into the market. Feedback from customers, or potential ones who want what you don’t offer, is the best way to hone the specification of a working vehicle to get the product people want.

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