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Narva has released a new range of low profile Legion LED emergency light bars aimed at roadside service, security, towing and emergency service vehicles. The new design provides 360 degrees of vision, is aerodynamically shaped and measures 57mm in height.

A range of variants is available depending on budget and application, with off-the-shelf options including 0.9, 1.2 or 1.4 metre bars. Higher powered alternatives can also be selected if required, featuring two LED outputs.

The new light bars are available in a choice of clear or coloured lenses, and with an option of in-built LED alley and take down lights, which provide an intense white light and also act as a work lamp to illuminate a designated area. An illuminated centre section is also available, allowing buyers to personalise the bar by applying a business name or other signage.

Light bars are supplied with a mounting kit for permanent vehicle attachment. For a non-invasive mounting option, eliminating the need to drill holes, Narva provides the additional option of an adjustable or fixed bracket with stainless steel straps designed to clamp around the driver and passenger side door openings.

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