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New Iveco boss appointed

CNH Industrial has appointed a new Managing Director of Iveco, after the position has been held vacant for over a year. Michael Jonson has been named as the new MD, after fulfilling a number of roles within the CNH organisation, around the world.


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“We all get passionate about the future of Iveco here in Australia,” said Jonson at the recent launch of the new Acco. “I am 100 per cent acutely focused on regaining our brand prowess, here in the market place. We have the product, we have the people who care about our product and we have customers who want our product. We really need to focus on becoming the brand at the top of every priority list in Australia.


“We will do that with sheer determination, improvement across our processes and more customer focus. We have global platforms, we can delve into them to improve the way we do business, improve our product. We can tap into these resources so we can, again, hold Iveco at the top of the Australian market.”


Jonson began his career with CNH in 1997 and has been involved in accounting and consolidation across the group. Firstly in London, and then across Europe, through a number of finance control and then cash management roles.


Jonson arrived in Australia in 2007 as the Treasurer for the CNH Group before moving to a role as COO of CNH Capital. In 2011, he was appointed Managing Director of CNH Capital. He took up his role with Iveco in November, this year.

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