New Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

The user interface for trucking fleets has got easier with the introduction of a new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack. The new dashboard is designed to deliver richer insights on fleet and driver performance. 

Instead of long reports and streams of data for fleet managers to plough through, the new interface concentrates on comparison of data at a high level. This is presented in a graphical format with simple colour coding to emphasise where issues are occurring and which areas the manager needs to investigate further. 

Ctrack reckons it will enable fleet operators to gain further operational insight and business intelligence, identify trends and underlying root causes within seconds. The coloured graphs will compare the metrics the operator wants to look at over a time period they can specify. 

Managers will be able to see whether the figures have improved over those for the previous month, or week, or any time period the operation chooses. If they identify a subject they want to examine further, it is simply a matter of clicking on the metric of concern and getting fuller information in that area.

This drilling down through the data process can see the manager working down through the different layers identifying where the concern may lie until it can identify a particular area, depot, truck or driver.

If the dashboard highlights truck speeding as an issue the manager can then investigate which areas of the business are having the most events. It can then drill on down to show the vehicles the manager will need to focus on to reduce speeding events in the fleet. This drilling down process can go on down to the individual vehicle or individual personnel.

The dashboard can serve as a helicopter view of the operation for a senior manager or as a snapshot of a particular aspect of an operation for a manager whose responsibility is in one of the many data sets the system is monitoring. 


new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack


The person using the dashboard will get the preferred view for their position in the operation and the ability to drill down through the data relevant to their responsibilities. The data on show can be used as way of summarising the situation, highlighting areas of concern or be used to get right down to an individual item’s detailed data. 

For the management within the operation this new dashboard makes the data more accessible for people who may not be used to checking through spreadsheets of raw data. The system is designed to allow them to only see what they need to see and it will highlight the areas that may require further investigation.

The system is designed to be able to let managers compare data over time. It will compare data on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, depending of the preferences and needs of the business. 

“Following 2019ʼs focus and investment on product development, the Executive Dashboard sets the stage for what is going to be an exciting year for Ctrack, particularly in moving towards a more intelligent, data-focused approach for customers,” says Jo Biddle, Global Head of Marketing for Ctrack.


new Executive Dash Board from Ctrack