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New engine from Kenworth

Kenworth officially launch the new Paccar MX engine this week, with a series of events at the Anglesea test track in Victoria and an official unveiling at the International Truck Trailer and Equipment Show in Melbourne. This will be the first proprietary engine to be available in a Kenworth truck in Australia.

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A Kenworth T409 fitted with the new Paccar MX 13 engine at the Anglesea test track

The 13 litre MX has been a long time coming, but finally made to our shores. The engine has been available here for several years fitted in the DAF range and sold in the US in some Kenworth and Peterbilt product.


Surprisingly, the version of the MX chosen for the Australian truck market is the European model. As a result, the T409 and T409SAR models fitted with the new engine will be using a 24 volt electrical system, another first for the Kenworth brand anywhere in the world.


“The MX-13 engine is set to be a game-changer in Australia’s mid-range heavy-duty market,” said Brad May, Paccar Australia’s Product Development Manager. “It utilises next-generation technologies to deliver higher levels of fuel efficiency, reliability, and performance from a quiet power plant.”


The Paccar MX13 is a six cylinder in-line turbo charged diesel engine and is going to be available rated at 460 hp (343 kW) and 510 hp (380 kW), offering 2305 Nm (1700 ft lb) of torque at 460 and at 510, it puts out 2508 Nm (1850 ft lb), in the rpm range from 1000 to 1410 rpm.

Diesel Magazine took the opportunity to test drive the new engine in the Kenworth models on the test track and a full report will be in the May issue of the magazine

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