New dual-fuel system for trucks

EVOL LNG, a division of Kleenheat Gas, and engine technology company American Power Group Inc have teamed up to bring the patented V5000HD natural gas/diesel dual-fuel system to the Australian market.

The new offering is said to be a simple yet efficient conversion that can provide operators of medium and heavy-duty trucks with reduced emissions levels (up to 12 percent less CO2) and running cost savings without loss of power.

The aftermarket conversion is available from EVOL LNG and can be set-up in either diesel – LNG (liquefied natural gas) or diesel – CNG (compressed natural gas) configurations.

The V5000HD system burns diesel and natural gas simultaneously, typically at an average 40-50 percent diesel fuel substitution rate, although peak substitution can be much higher.

After the conversion, the vehicle can either operate on the two fuels simultaneously or shift seamlessly to run on 100 percent diesel should the vehicle be away from a natural gas refuelling point. 

All conversion hardware is mounted externally of the engine and is claimed to not interfere with engine integrity or design. The technology has reportedly been developed to maintain OEM specifications of all engine parameters including coolant, oil, exhaust gas and intake air temperatures.

According to Kleenheat Gas general manager Graham Smith, the V5000HD system had undergone the extensive testing and product improvement needed for Australian conditions prior to its commercial release.

“This technology is US EPA-approved and is available in the United States,” Smith said. “Our own testing and customer trials in Australia have been extremely successful, giving us confidence in the suitability of the conversion for Australian conditions.

“Operators and fleet owners can also rest assured in the knowledge that they are dealing with an experienced, professional and reputable company in Kleenheat Gas, a division of Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers.”

The V5000HD system is said to be suitable for fitment onto a wide range of diesel engines, however prior to converting, EVOL LNG will review the suitability of the dual fuel system to a customer’s specific application.

The conversion can be performed in a matter of days by EVOL LNG certified installers, leading to minimal downtime. Initially, certified installers will be located in Perth and Melbourne.

A further claimed benefit of the V5000HD system is that it can be transferred to another vehicle when the original truck’s lifecycle is complete.

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