New bridge key to more efficient freight movement

Completion of the new Boree Creek bridge west of Orange has opened up a key NSW freight route to a new generation of more productive freight vehicles.

Built alongside the existing bridge on Henry Parkes Way about 30 kilometres west of Orange, the new bridge at Borenore is expected to carry up to 1300 vehicle movements per day including 300 heavy vehicles.

At a cost of $5.85 million, the new bridge has opened up access for vehicles operating under higher mass limits (HML) travelling between the Newell Highway at Parkes and the Mitchell Highway at Orange.

Chris Koniditsiotis, chief executive of Transport Certification Australia (TCA), welcomed the completion of the bridge and the expansion of the HML network.

“Efficient and reliable transport networks are central to the delivery of goods and services we all depend on in our daily lives. Improved access for more productive vehicles opens up opportunities for improved efficiency across the entire supply chain, benefiting primary producers and the resource sector right through to manufacturers, retailers, exporters and the end consumer.

“Improved access over the Boree Creek bridge will be of particular benefit to the regional community of Parkes, as the city is located within 12 hours of 80 percent of Australia’s population,” Chris continued. “Better access for HML vehicles will complement the work being undertaken in Parkes to develop a state-of-the-art multi-modal freight and transport interchange called the Parkes National Logistics Hub. The interchange sits at the crossroads of the Newell Highway, connecting Brisbane and Melbourne; and the transcontinental railway, linking the eastern seaboard to Perth.”

All vehicles operating under HML are required to be enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP). Under the IAP vehicles are monitored using GPS technology to provide road asset managers and the community with the highest available assurance that these vehicles are complying with road access conditions.

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