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New boss at Cat trucks

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A new Managing Director has been appointed at Navistar Auspac, the Australian entity which brings the Cat Trucks brand into the country. Navistar Global has announced the appointment of Tim Quinlan as Managing Director of Navistar Auspac and he has taken up the post already.


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“I am fortunate to have had considerable experience in this part of the world and am extremely happy to accept this important role as Navistar continues to lay the foundations for a strong future in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific markets,” said Quinlan.


Apart from growing the Cat brand of trucks in Australia, Quinlan is also likely to be laying the ground for the proposed re-introduction of International branded trucks here in Australia. This just happens to be a job he has done before.


“Tim is a Navistar veteran, having worked for the company for over 37 years and his distinguished career includes global business assignments in Baghdad, Brussels, Paris, South Africa and Australia,” said Dave Allen, Navistar Global Vice-President of Operations. “During his many years in South Africa, Tim led distribution operations for most of the Eastern Hemisphere and between 2000 and 2010, he and his team were responsible for the distribution of International Trucks in Australia.


“Tim’s broad experience within the Australian and New Zealand truck markets, combined with his deep understanding of our company culture, will assist the local team greatly as Navistar continues to grow in this region.”

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