New Accreditation Expert Appointed

new accreditation expert appointed

TruckSafe has chosen Geoff Casey as it was looking to see a new accreditation expert appointed as Chair of the TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council. The council is a vital part of Trucksafe’s comprehensive industry safety standards including a robust third-party auditing system.

“The integrity of TruckSafe is managed by TIAC – an independent expert panel that approves accreditation applications, audits and regularly reviews the TruckSafe standards,” said Ferdie Kroon, TruckSafe Chair. “We are extremely honoured to welcome Geoff as TIAC Chair and look forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience he will bring to this role, which is fundamental to TruckSafe’s rigorous independent audit approach. Geoff has an extensive background in regulatory policy, risk and safety management systems in safety critical industries,” he said. 

new accreditation expert appointed

Geoff is a former Executive Director of Safety Standards and Assurance at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, where he was responsible for the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, Performance Based Standards, safety promotions, training and education, safety standards, fatigue and the regulatory assurance framework.

During his time with the NHVR he led a number of key national projects including Electronic Work Diaries, roadworthiness and roll out of Safety Management Systems in support of chain of responsibility implementation. 

Prior to his role at the NHVR, MGeoff’s predominant background and experience had been in the aviation industry including as an airline pilot, in air traffic management, as a regulator and having responsibility for operational safety, investigations and risk at Qantas, including holding the regulatory delegation as Head of Safety.   

“For many years, industry leading organisations have utilised TruckSafe, its robust systems and its methodologies to successfully manage their safety responsibilities,” said Geoff. “It is a privilege to be asked to chair this essential compliance and assurance element of the scheme.

“As Trucksafe continues to evolve and support the heavy vehicle industry, I hope that my involvement with TIAC will not only contribute to the integrity of TruckSafe, but the ongoing continuous improvement process and safety of the broader heavy vehicle industry and associated supply chain.”

new accreditation expert appointed

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