Narva merchandising program to hit stores

image99173_bA new showroom display will allow automotive retailers to showcase Narva’s broad range of products in an eye-catching and organised manner.

The displays cater for Narva’s complete range of products and accessories spanning driving lights to L.E.D truck and trailer products, globes and much more. The program enhances shop presentation by neatly grouping similar items together in bays, giving outlets a more professional look and feel, making items easier to locate and portraying Narva retailers as automotive electrical experts.

Narva merchandisers have carefully researched and planned the layout, this takes the hard work out of designing a store display for retailers, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

The new display positions the most popular and fast-moving items in prime positions to ensure retailers enjoy the highest returns from their investment. The ability to display the complete Narva range also enhances revenue prospects, with increased opportunities for cross selling to customers.

Suitable for retailers in all industries, from four wheel drive to marine, the merchandising program can be easily customised using different display configurations to suit the specific requirements of each store.

Included in the merchandise package are wing dividers to separate each bay, making it simpler for customers to quickly and easily identify the product that they require. Also included are a header, shelf mats, kicker panels and all mounting accessories.

The merchandising program is suitable for standard gondolas sized 1,200 mm and 900 mm. For further information about Narva’s new merchandising program, contact your local Narva representative.

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