Narva Heavy Duty ‘GEOMAX’ Strobes | TRANSPORT NEWS

Narva’s latest range of Heavy Duty ‘Geomax’ L.E.D Strobes provide superior performance in the harshest applications and conditions, including mining, construction, contracting and agriculture.

The Geomax range features Class 1 (Part no. 85250A) and Class 2 (Part no. 85252A) approved rotating patterns, providing high levels of brightness as required by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards. They also reach Class 1 and 2 respectively for their single flash pattern.

The four flash patterns (quint flash, ultra-flash, single flash and steady on), are the most popular patterns in the Australian market and units can be synchronised to maintain a crisp and uniform flash pattern.

Light sensors for manual or automatic day/night switching and high or low power mode override allow the user to adjust the light output depending on the work environment. Night mode will reduce light output to 20 per cent of maximum intensit and Geomax does not produce radio interference.

The new Geomax range features a tough, die-cast aluminium base and a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

It can be cleaned with a pressure washer as well as steam cleaned without compromising its performance.

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