MyTrucking’s Latest Mobile App Feature

MyTrucking's Latest Mobile App Feature

Picture this. You’re at the end of a LONG day. You’re checking all the information your drivers have uploaded via the MyTrucking Mobile App. But you need some more information to ensure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

You’re very close to making it a future problem, but then you remember, you’ve migrated to MultiLeg, so MyTrucking have got you covered.

Introducing MyTrucking’s latest Mobile App feature – Showing Returned Jobs.

Specifically designed for drivers and dispatchers, this new feature will allow drivers to re-return previously returned jobs on the driver app. But why?

They have received a load of requests from their customers to enable the ability for drivers to re-return jobs to make the lives of their drivers and dispatchers a little bit easier.

From drivers forgetting to attach an image, needing to correct a mistake or adding in a docket number to dispatchers requesting more details or double-checking something in a returned job. While it might seem like a minor feature, we know it will be one you’ll be utilising often.

As an app user

  • As long as the returned job feature is enabled against your profile, it is within your visible job window and is still on the daysheet; you can re-return that bad boy until it’s just right.
  • You can change the return data and re-return a returned job.

As a web user

  • When you edit a returned job, you can see the latest data for that job (so there’s no sifting through information to see which copy is the right one!)
  • You can edit a driver and enable their ability to see returned jobs on the app.

This was one of our top requested features on MyTrucking’s Mobile App. Feedback is welcomed as it helps ensure MyTrucking is fit for purpose and helps to keep your business a few truck lengths ahead of the fleet.

Find out more

Contact MyTrucking today to learn more about the new MultiLeg feature, how it can transform your workflow and how to start utilising it today.

Not part of the MyTrucking family, but like the sound of this feature? Try it free for two weeks.

💥 Top Tip: To access returned jobs in the mobile app, Multi-Leg must be enabled and make sure your drivers have the latest version of the MyTrucking Driver App 2.0


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