Moving Forward with the F Series Isuzu Models

moving forward with the F Series Isuzu models

Isuzu have unveiled the latest changes to medium and heavy duty models, with a release of trucks which do not reflect a revolutionary change but more a moving forward with the F Series Isuzu models.

In the past few years, Isuzu has refreshed its range, one sector at a time, and this time around it is the turn of the F Series, FX and FY models to get something of a makeover. Along with specification tweaks, the main change is the introduction of the kind of automated safety systems truck customers are starting to demand on all trucks.

These are testing times for truck makers, as we have travelled through a period of pandemic, fire and flood, the manufacturers and suppliers have been under pressure to get more and more trucks out on the road. Component shortages and supply chain blockages have simply been added to the mix. 

moving forward with the F Series Isuzu models

As the truck market leader, Isuzu felt the pressure more keenly than most, but with a combination of smart adaptability and innovative thinking, Isuzu has kept up with the pace as much as possible. As a result, the brand remains dominant in the light duty and medium duty and a significant player in heavy duty, with sales continuing to climb this year. 

The F Series does cover a wide range across the market sectors, with GVM ratings ranging from 11tonnes up to 35 tonnes. The only gap in the current range is right at the top, with the decision to end the life of the Isuzu Giga on the Australian market, Isuzu do not have a full size 6×4 prime mover. There are plans to replace this model in the future, but uncertainty created when Isuzu bought UD Trucks from Volvo has led to a delay for these products. The picture is likely to become much clearer in 2023.

moving forward with the F Series Isuzu models

Essentially, the basic design of the entire Isuzu range is coming closer to the end of its life. We should expect the next launches of all of the Isuzu range to represent a step-change for the brand, with renewed cabs, drivelines and chassis, plus a lot more computing power on board. 

For now, we are looking at the brand bringing its current models up to date with the kind of gizmos which are becoming essential parts of a modern truck. At first sight, the new models are difficult to recognise as any different. On the outside the only change will be a more modern headlight module with some LED lights, there will also be a radar unit in the front bumper and a camera inside the windscreen. 

The radar and the camera indicate to us some of the new equipment and systems on board, we will get into all of the abbreviations and acronyms for them all and their functions, later in this article. For now we only need to know that Isuzu, like all of their competitors are fitting an ever expanding suite of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) equipment.

As usual there are also a few tweaks in other specifications for some models as the truck maker adapts the range to changing customer preferences. 

moving forward with the F Series Isuzu models

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