Moving across to EBS

moving across to EBS

The introduction of the new 700 Series models and sees a genuine heavy duty challenger from Hino coming on to the Australian truck market, moving across to EBS, with  the electronic braking systems now available all of the way across the 700 Series range of trucks. 

This brings the brand up to date in terms of braking technology. The combination of EBS with features like stability control and integration with EBS fitted trailers further enhances safety in this model.

Over the last few years Hino have been improving their cabin interior design, as they move away from the very predictable grey Japanese truck interior we have become used to. With the introduction of the new 700, the cabin interior has a quality look and is probably feels more European than Japanese, in terms of first impressions.

moving across to EBS

The dashboard has been carefully thought out, looks good and is definitely much more modern than some of this truck’s direct competitors. However, this is still a Japanese track and it does have those features which reflect the conservative nature of the domestic Japanese truck market, which expects those features which we see in every Japanese truck like the high engine cover, relatively small bunk and clunky handbrake mounted on the engine cover.

The electronic dashboard directly in front of the driver has a neat feature, when the driver is driving normally it has a blue background colour, but when the driver takes more care and is driving more economically, the background turns to green. The display also includes driver reminders to avoid behaviours which are detrimental to the overall fuel consumption. It will tell the driver when they have been over speeding or over revving and a reminder pops up to ask them to take it easy.

moving across to EBS

Full refresh of the model line-up

The new 700 Series from Hino is the last part of the puzzle for the new look from the Japanese brand. All models now have the new large grille, with clear branding. There is also now stability group control across the range, apart from the twin steer models, but this will be arriving next year. There is also the availability, across the brand, of a comprehensive safety suite, which is one of those features which is becoming more and more important for trucking operators in Australia and around the world.

The introduction of the nine-litre engine into the 700 Series allows Hino to also offer a wider range of wheelbases, to suit various applications, many of which are very different to those needed by the buyers of the larger 13 litre powered trucks. For example, a longer 4.5 metre wheelbase will enable Victorian tipper operators to now meet the bridge formula length requirements in that state, enabling them to run at higher masses.

This latest launch also means that the entire range of Hino models, from the 4.5 tonne 300 to the 70 plus tonne 700 all come with Euro 6 compliant engine.

According to Daniel, the 8×4 model comes in at a tare weight which is in that useful, just over eight tonne, range, which means it may come into consideration by the concrete companies as an agitator. One of the advantages it may have is the fact that it is fitted with a heavier duty Allison transmission, than some of its direct competitors in what remains a very tight market.

At the new 700 Series launch, there was a hint that there may be a model coming onto the Australian market from Hino with a power rating over 500 hp. However, over the years PowerTorque has learned to take these kinds of hints with a pinch of salt. 

There is also a hybrid version of the 700 in the pipeline for the Japanese truck market and Hino are indicating it will eventually flow through into the Australian market but unwilling to put a date on any introduction. 

moving across to EBS

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