Moving Across from Diesel Power to Electric

moving across from diesel power to electric

A senior executive is moving across from diesel power to electric power in a move which may be an indicator of things to come. SEA Electric has announced the appointment of Bill Gillespie to the position of President Asia Pacific. He recently parted ways with Hino Trucks after seven years as part of the executive team, and more recently as Vice President of Brand and Franchise Development.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Bill to the SEA Electric family,” said Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric’s Founder and President. “This is an exciting time for SEA Electric, especially in the Asia Pacific region, with Bill set to anchor the market development team, enabling the region to achieve its substantial growth forecast.

“Glen Walker’s position will be renamed Vice President Asia Pacific, and he will continue his incredible work in providing high quality and efficiently produced electric vehicle products to the Asia Pacific region.”

Bill joins SEA Electric at an important time for the manufacturer, which has launched its Australian produced range of 100 per cent electric powered trucks at the Brisbane Truck Show this week.

moving across from diesel power to electric

“I’m incredibly optimistic about joining the SEA Electric business at a time when the market demand for zero-emission logistics and vehicles is growing, and to have a role in an Australian company with a global footprint like SEA Electric is a once in a career opportunity,” said Bill.

These changes to the organisation here in Australia come on the heels of major developments for SEA Electric in the USA. Earlier this year there was a US $42 million equity financing announcement to take the enterprise to the next level in its development.

SEA Electric also closed the purchase of 1,000 electric vehicle batteries from long-time technology partner Soundon New Energy Technology (China’s leading environmental protection industry enterprise). While most of the initial units were slated for the United States, the balance will go to SEA Electric inventories in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, as well as the company’s planned first entry into the European market.

moving across from diesel power to electric