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More Outback Truckers

The return of the controversial Outback Truckers is tonight at 9.30 on Channel 7 Mate. The production company, Prospero, have released a second promo video on Facebook and Vimeo:

From the footage shown, the series simply picks up where we left off in series one with various ‘characters’ struggling through the bush to get the job done.

Let’s hope the story told remains a positive one, we can’t be too precious about what goes on in the trucking industry, and the takeaway for the viewer from the first series was about how tough truckies have it on a day to day basis.

For all its flaws, the ABC Four Corners program probably ended up giving a similar message. There was plenty about the issues truckies face and a search for their causes.

On Monday the trucking industry was looking down the barrel of two potentially damaging TV programs in one week. We are now coming to the end of the week and the sky hasn’t fallen in. Perhaps we will be able to enjoy the Outback Truckers tonight without too much trepidation.

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