More Detail on The Kenworth K220

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The truck has been launched and is due to start touring Australia as part of the launch program, but the trucking industry is already looking for more detail on the Kenworth K220.

This video runs through all of the sleeper option available in the new K220, which has been reconfigured inside to make more and better options available in both cab sizes. according to Kenworth, the K220 2.3m and 2.8m sleeper cabs offer their greatest ever range of optional sleeper storage and bunk options.

PowerTorque has had the opportunity to to test the new model, in a limited test drive. Climbing up into the cabin still involves the ladder behind the front wheel and the shuffle across to the door. The fold out steps are still an option, but they still remain a minority choice in the market. 

Stepping in through that door and into the cabin does demonstrate that this is really a new truck. The new roof profile does bring a feeling of headroom and there are lots of opportunities for overhead storage at the front rear and sides of the cabin’s interior.

more detail on the Kenworth K220

Image by: @j.dilworth

That feeling of space is further enhanced by a simple rearranging of the geography. On previous models the bulkhead on which the bunk sat was directly behind the seats. By removing the storage beside the bunk at the rear of the cabin, the bunk and bulkhead have been moved backwards making more floor space on the engine cover. Although the adjustment is relatively small, it does have the effect of improving the feeling of living space.

There are 2.3m and 2.8m sleeper cabs on offer in the K220 with a comprehensive range of sleeper storage and bunk options accessible to the truck buyer. The options vary from the 1.7m Day Cab, to a 2.3m aerodynamic roof sleeper, a 2.3m flat roof sleeper or a 2.8m aerodynamic roof sleeper.

Each option can come with side extenders, and the 2.3m and 2.8m aerodynamic versions are available with roof fairings. 

To get even more detail on the Kenworth K 220, get the next issue of PowerTorque by clicking here. 

more detail on the Kenworth K220

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