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Mitch’s Mobile Tyre Service’s fleet of Isuzu NPR 300s is always on call

Regardless of whether it’s day or night, Mitch’s Mobile Tyre Service’s fleet of Isuzu NPR 300s is always on call to help stranded customers.isuzu-provides-traction-for-tyre-business-qfgrtyaz

Located in Gympie, Queensland, the tyre specialists come to the rescue when private or business customers are stranded or immobilised by a flat tyre.

Established in 2010, the company offers over 15 years’ collective automotive industry experience provided by its four employees, who include business owners and friends Lesley Mitchell and Ross Sims.

Business Partner, Mick Sims, said the NPR 300s have the power needed to get the job done with ease.

“These little rippers are the pick of the bunch. We have two in our fleet so far and we are currently having a third fitted out,” Mick said.

“Their power output (114 kW @ 2,600 RPM) is ideal for the large range of heavy tyre fitting equipment we carry; we’re equipped to change tyres on any vehicle, from light to heavy duty.”

The company services private, business and fleet customers who operate vehicles ranging from trucks and tractors to earthmoving equipment, forklifts and industrial vehicles.

The trucks are fully equipped and self-sufficient with on board power, air and the latest tyre fitting tools.

Designed by local bodybuilder, Tracwell, the bodies take up to four months to build, complete with tool boxes and compartments to hold all the equipment needed to fit a tyre at any location.

The working equipment includes 100 CFM rotary screw compressors, hydraulic bead breakers, heavy duty hydraulic jacking equipment, tailgate lifters and safety lighting for night work.

As part of the service, the team can fit and balance replacement tyres on the roadside so stranded customers don’t need to experience the inconvenience of having their vehicle towed away to a service centre.

With Mitch’s Mobile Tyre Service offering all the major tyre brands, Mick said the team could fix any tyre problem they come across quickly and efficiently.

According to Mick, the company is very happy with the performance and comfort of the Isuzu trucks.

“The NPR 300s drive very easily and smoothly on highways,” Mick said.

“The roomy cabs are also great for extra storage.

“We chose the NPR 300s because they are smart looking trucks with a great reputation. We definitely made the right choice.”

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