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McColl’s Transport depots are to be congratulated for taking the initiative to organise a fitness and weight loss campaign amongst staff.

Dozens of employees at McColl’s Transport took part in the company’s inaugural 12-week challenge in the lead up to Christmas and between them they managed to shed a massive combined weight of 165kg!

Bradley Cartwright, a Mechanic from the Tongala depot in regional Victoria, took out the top honour of Best Transformation, shedding a massive 23.5kg during the challenge and has since lost a couple of extra kilograms.

Mr Cartwright’s 19-year-old daughter encouraged him to take part and he was so pleased with the results he planned to continue using what he had learned throughout 2020.

“I really enjoyed it, both learning about the food and the exercise,” he said.

“We work 12 hours shifts so it can be hard to find time to exercise, so it was important to be organised and work out how to fit it into my life.

“My family were a fantastic support, with my wife making sure she helped by preparing my food, so I didn’t fall off the wagon.”

Health and Wellness Co-ordinator Megan Taylor, who is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, said the combined weight loss was a fantastic result and McColl’s hoped to continue the programme again this year.

“What we did find though is that even those who could only manage to do one thing or the other, that is focus on either their food or exercise, they still achieved results,” said Megan.

“While the weight loss is a fantastic effort, one of the most rewarding things is seeing changes in overall health, such as blood glucose levels and mental health improving.

McColl’s CEO, Simon Thornton said the company made the decision about a year ago to employ a Health and Wellness Co-ordinator.

“We have a very loyal and dedicated team here at McColl’s and we felt it was important to do what we could to ensure they are not only happy in their job but also have an

opportunity to be healthy,” he said.

“Truck driving can be a really tough job and the industry has one of the highest rates of diseases like stroke, coronary artery disease and heart failure.

“I’m really pleased so many of our staff took part in the challenge and stuck with it and I’ll be encouraging everyone to take part again in 2020.”

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