MaxiTRANS Releases SafeADJUST™ Mezzanine Decks  | TRANSPORT NEWS

MaxiTRANS has released an innovative new mezzanine deck system named SafeADJUST™providing a significant boost in safety over traditional mezzanine decks by eliminating the human element of mezzanine deck adjustment, while also improving productivity.

SafeADJUST™ is adjusted from the safety of a forklift, eliminating the need to manually remove and replace saddles when altering the deck height and keeping people well clear of safety exclusion zones.

SafeADJUST™ is secured to the trailer as a permanent component, eliminating the chance of it falling from the trailer during manoeuvring or transit. Further, SafeADJUST™ can only be unlocked by raising the deck to the unlocking point located on each mezzanine post, reducing the chance of it falling unexpectedly.

An innovative mechanical locking feature senses deck movement and controls the lock engagement automatically. Lock indicators are installed on all four corners of the deck, allowing the operator to see when the locks are engaged and it is safe to retract the forklift.

SafeADJUST™ is exclusive to MaxiTRANS and can be ordered across its range of Freighter Tautliner and Maxi-CUBE Slide-A-Side models.

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