Maxi-CUBE to show off “151 improvements” at the Brisbane Truck Show

Maxi-CUBE show off "151 improvements" at the Brisbane Truck Show

Leading refrigerated transport equipment manufacturer, Maxi-CUBE, has announced a preview of its display at May’s Brisbane Truck Show. Based around the theme “151 improvements” the company says that while the general appearance of its products has remained similar since the Classic was originally launched at the Brisbane Truck Show, the product itself has continually improved, moving with the times to become more functional, economical and thermally efficient.

Maxi-CUBE General Manager, Kevin Manfield, spoke ahead of the show, commenting that despite its traditional appearance, the Maxi-CUBE range of vans is more innovative than ever. “In the ‘Classic’ model alone, we have seen innovations such as the ‘Maxi-GRIP’ non-slip floor, the introduction of EBS, reverse cameras and upgraded wall construction. That is just naming a select few of the ongoing improvements we’ve made over the past few years.”

“Our products are readily customised,” Mr Manfield continued. “Operators might be surprised at how many improvements we’ve made. It’s just a matter of asking one of our dealers – chances are if there’s a feature you’re after in your new van then Maxi-CUBE will be able to do it. We’re looking forward to walking visitors through each and every one of the various improvements to the Maxi-CUBE range at the Brisbane Truck Show.”

On display in Brisbane will be a Maxi-CUBE C Series Classic Reefer, along with the all-new drop deck lead Slide-A-Side. “The C Series is our full-length chassis model,” said Mr Manfield. “The chassis from bumper to skid plate enhances the strength and durability of the van. This particular model, the Reefer, is capable of maintaining temperatures down to -30°C.”

Meanwhile, according to Mr Manfield, the new drop deck lead Slide-A-Side is a result of specific customer enquiry. “The Slide-A-Side is such an innovative product, in that it is a hard-walled side loading trailer, giving owners increased load restraint capabilities over a curtain sider plus good thermal performance,” he claimed. “This particular model on show in Brisbane came about after a number of customers asked how they could fit more product into each load. We designed a lead Slide-A-Side with a drop deck which gives it extra volume, plus we have also added mezzanine floors into the bottom section of the trailer for increased pallet capacity without the risk of damage to sensitive freight.”

“So where an ordinary lead van would have a 12 pallet capacity, we have increased this to 18 with the drop deck and mezzanine floor, all within a side-loading refrigerated van.”

Maxi-CUBE and its 151 improvements can be found on stand number 30 at the Brisbane Truck Show 2013. The show runs from the 16th to the 19th May, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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