Massive Rise in Demand for Transport Services

massive rise in demand for transport services

The Covid pandemic hit has led to a massive rise in demand for transport services and, therefore, a corresponding rise in demand for rented and leased equipment tailored to the task. Paul Matthei speaks with representatives from three prominent companies that have risen to the challenge of supplying the industry with these increasingly important services.

There has, over the last decade or so, been a substantial shift taking place in the road transport realm in the equipment rental and leasing space.

Where previously the usual practice among transport operators was to buy any equipment that was needed, either outright or on finance such as hire purchase, many businesses are now realising that this may not necessarily be the most savvy or cost-effective solution.

massive rise in demand for transport services

There are a number of reasons for this, and perhaps the most prominent is that the companies now providing transport equipment rental and leasing services are highly professional outfits, considerably more so than some of their earlier counterparts. 

They have invested heavily in their businesses in order to provide the best quality equipment spec’ed precisely to meet the needs of clients; and have staff who know the industry inside out and back to front and are therefore suitably equipped to offer the highest levels of service to customers. 

massive rise in demand for transport services

One of the other significant factors that has been steadily winning over converts to the leasing field is the rise of full maintenance leases which enable operators to accurately determine their long term costs of operation without fear of blowing the budget if something on the truck fails. 

Similarly, renting trucks or prime movers can be a beneficial scenario during uncertain times – as typified by the current Covid 19 pandemic – where demand for services can fluctuate wildly and require transport operators to either upsize or downsize their fleets at short notice.  

All of these topics and more are touched on in a series, over the coming weeks, of online articles talking to key people from three major truck and trailer rental and leasing operations in Australia. 

massive rise in demand for transport services