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Mass Management Review Process

mass management review process

With the current Chain of Responsibility landscape, it is imperative that organisations go though a mass management review process for their safety management systems and mass management regime. 

Vehicle weighing systems enable organisations to take the guesswork out of the safe, legal vehicle loading of heavy trucks in their road transport supply chain by enabling drivers to avoid overloading and ensure equal load distribution while maximising payloads.

To determine if a truck is overloaded or that a load is unequally distributed, enforcement agencies inspect, measure and sum axle group loads, rather than individual axles within the group. 

An axle group can be any combination of single, twin, tri or quad axles. Depending how the axle group is constructed, errors can occur when weighing individual axles in an axle group because of load redistribution. This is why loadings in all data sheets related to heavy vehicles, show axle group weights not individual axle weights, and they are policed in this way.

Integrating vehicle weighing solutions into an organisation’s safety management system will not only improve the safety of its road transport operations, but also enable it to realise a host of other benefits such as: 

  • Meeting compliance requirements 
  • Boosting operating efficiencies 
  • Ensuring optimum allocation of resources
  • Sharing information with supply chain partners 

While most Diesel readers will be familiar with weigh-bridges, which can be suitable for trade-use where the weight of product will determine a charge; most organisations will only require a system that will be used as a control point to measure axle group weights for safety and Chain of Responsibility compliance purposes. 


mass management review process

The following static and dynamic weighing equipment can be used to obtain the axle weights of heavy goods vehicles for these purposes: 

  • Weighbridges 
  • Static Axle weighers  
  • Low Profile Axle weighers 
  • Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Systems 
  • Onboard Overload Control Systems 
  • Wheel Weigh Pads

Diverseco’s Guide provides readers information about each device, and also the accessories and software systems that can transform these industrial weighing devices into fully fledged weighing systems that bring organisations myriad benefits beyond meeting compliance requirements.

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mass management review process




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