Mandatory Vaccination for All Interstate Truck Drivers

mandatory vaccination for all interstate truck drivers

Australia is moving towards a situation where there will be mandatory vaccination for all interstate truck drivers, as governments around the country announce changed rules in each state.

The Victorian Government has announced that anyone on the authorised worker list will require their first COVID-19 vaccine dose by Friday, 15 October 2021 in order to continue working. They will need to be fully vaccinated by 26 November 2021.

In Queensland the rules state that all freight and logistics operators are required to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to enter Queensland under an F Pass as of 1am AEST on October 15.

Truck drivers entering South Australia must have evidence of a negative COVID-19 test in the 72 hours before entering the state, or will be directed to undertake a point-of-care antigen based test and/or a COVID-19 test within 12 hours of entering. As of today all drivers arriving by road must have evidence of at least one TGA approved COVID-19 vaccination.

Entering the ACT, a mandatory COVID-19 test is not currently required, but the authorities state, “it is recommended”.

New South Wales approaches the issue from a different direction with truck drivers from local government areas of concern being required to have received have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and this requirement has been in place since September 18 to enable them to continue to work outside the LGA they live in.

The other states are not currently going down the mandatory testing route, as yet. However, the fact that the states with the highest populations and most economic activity are mandating vaccinations for truck drivers,means the need to have had at least one dose is virtually mandatory for any driver working interstate.

To keep up to speed with all of the in and outs of the latest border crossing rules and regulations check the NatRoad site or the NHVR’s update. 

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