Managing His Very Own Trucking Company

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Troy Carroll has made the transition from managing two-wheelers to 22-wheelers like a duck to water, and is now managing his very own trucking company, Carroll Group Australia. After a successful career in Moto-Cross, and later managing teams in the sport, he chose to dive headfirst into the trucking business. 

Four years later, the business has developed, Troy’s father Vince came onboard with his own truck as a subcontractor. Vince has a wealth of experience in the industry, having founded and managed Carroll Truck Sales Toowoomba for many years before selling it.

The company runs several different brands of trucks, with Kenworth being the new kid on the block. In fact, the first Kenworth, a pre-owned T409, was purchased mid last year from Brown and Hurley at Yatala. Since then, two new K200s have also joined the fray.

Troy describes the service from Brown and Hurley Yatala as ‘absolutely fantastic’, saying the company goes above and beyond with its support and the way the trucks are impeccably presented at delivery. 

managing his very own trucking company

He also has high praise for Volvo Commercial Vehicles Australia (VCVA) which he has been dealing with for the past three years since buying some second-hand Macks, a Trident and a Super-Liner, and two new Volvos, an FH16 and a Globetrotter.

“The Globetrotter is 120-tonne road train rated and has the big rubber guards, we send it out to Moomba in the Cooper Basin on the Strzelecki Track in the north-eastern corner of South Australia and it is performing very well for us under those harsh conditions, we’ve absolutely had zero problems with it,” Troy says.

“This is the main reason why we have changed to only buying new trucks and we put them all on maintenance plans and turn them over after they’ve travelled 800,000km. 

“We used to deal with VCVA at Wacol but now that we are based at Yatala it’s easier to deal with the Nerang branch. Their maintenance package has been great, and we look at it as a sort of insurance policy that keeps our trucks where they need to be, on the road earning money.”

Troy explains that the company’s move to Kenworth is due in part to Volvo having supply issues with its new trucks.

“Volvo have shut their books to taking more orders, hence the reason we started looking at the Kenworth products; and now that we’ve been so well treated by Brown and Hurley, I think we’ll be buying a lot more Kenworths,” Troy says.

That said, Troy says he has a high regard for the Volvo Globetrotter and believes that model and the K200 Kenworth will be the mainstay of the fleet for the foreseeable future.

managing his very own trucking company

Trailers of Choice 

Troy says Freighter and CIMC are the company’s preferred brands for flat top, drop deck and curtain side trailers. When the time comes to purchase side-loaders, he says he will consult friends who operate them at the port to guide him with purchasing decisions. 

“We have more prime movers than trailers at the moment, so we need to buy more trailers this year,” says Troy.

As the conversation draws to a close, Troy reiterates the key reasons for the success of the company.

“I grew up around trucks in Dad’s truck sales yard and it’s definitely in my blood, but I didn’t know anything about running a trucking company until just over four years ago,” says Troy. “It was a completely different ball game compared to the Motocross glitz and glamour and flying around the world that I was used to.

“So, leaving that all behind and throwing myself into this new career path, boots and all, was probably the biggest turning point in my life. Driving trucks completely changed my mindset in regard to what I was doing with my life and helped me find myself again, that was a huge thing for me.

“I absolutely love what I’m doing now which makes it easy to go to work every day. Seeing the business grow and having faith in my team around me is a massive buzz – I really thank the people who I have working for me who assist in what we do on a daily basis; they are absolute stars in their jobs.”

managing his very own trucking company

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