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Management changes at Hino

A restructure of the management at Hino has taken place, after the departure of Alex Stewart to take over as General Manager at Foton Trucks. Responsibilities have been reallocated within departments and two new roles are to be filled by Bill Gillespie and Daniel Petrovski.


Gillespie has been made the Divisional Manager Brand and Franchise Development. He comes to the company from a management career in the car sector, working for Nissan, Toyota, Kia and Peugeot, and running his own business Obeya Consulting.




His new role is will see him responsible for a number of areas within the Hino organisation, in dealer development, after-sales management, corporate brand development, marketing and customer care duties. Gillespie has worked with Hino Chairman and CEO, Steve Lotter, at Toyota in the past.


“After a lifetime of work in the passenger vehicle market, I’m looking forward to the challenges in the truck industry,” said Gillespie. “I’ve timed it well, we’ve got very competitive products in the light, medium and heavy duty segments, plus the advantage of Hino’s hybrid trucks and the new high horsepower models in the 300 Series range. I’ve worked successfully with Steve Lotter in the past, I can see nothing but a bright future for Hino in Australia and I’m glad to be a part of it.”




Petrovski is being promoted to the role of Manager Product Strategy after seven years with Hino. The product strategy role oversees product planning and strategies, engineering, development and homologation for Hino Australia, as well as working with both Hino Japan and local third-party suppliers.


“The new position consists of a number of business critical functions,” said Petrovski. “My team and I work closely with our sales and marketing divisions, our dealers and our customers, identifying the most suitable product line-up and model mix for our customers’ unique needs. This area of the business is basically the funnel between the Hino’s factory engineers and the Australian market.


“I appreciate that Hino Australia has helped and encouraged me to develop my career within the organisation to the point where I can now provide Australian market expertise and local knowledge direct to the Hino engineers in Japan, for the development of Australian market specific vehicles.”

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