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Making workshops attractive

Getting young people excited about working in a workshop environment is a difficult task at the best of times. Schooling is aimed to get as many as possible into university and working in white collar jobs. The world of the diesel technician is not front of mind for the average student in grades 10, 11 or 12.

Cummins have just released a series of videos aimed at doing exactly that, getting young people to think about a career in a diesel workshop. The videos are a short and sharp clip showing articulate young people getting on and enjoying their life as a diesel technician.

The stories take us all the way from a school based apprenticeship:

To a technician out of their time and looking ahead to a career as a technician:

There’s adult apprenticeships:

Being welcomed on board into the Cummins system:


Opportunities for all:

University based Training:

Dealing with management:

Cummins have always been a leader in bringing people into the industry and their initiatives are for the benefit of all in the industry. There are plenty of Cummins trained technicians working all over the industry. We are all desperately short of skilled people. More initiatives like this are needed now.

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