Mack Pedigree Driveline Returns

Mack Pedigree driveline returns

The release of Mack Trucks’ 2011 product offering heralds the return of the Mack Pedigree driveline – a combination of MP8 SCR engine, Mack transmission and Mack drive axles – which is signified by a gold bulldog on the bonnet.

The first ‘gold bulldog’ adorned vehicle to drive off the line at Mack’s Wacol, Brisbane factory was delivered to the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) as the first of eight Granites ordered by the road authority.

The trucks will be used by the RTA’s road sealing crew which requires a range of reverse speeds in order to facilitate various aggregate spread rates. Therefore, with its six reverse speeds, the Mack T310 10-speed transmission was deemed the perfect choice. Coupled with an MP8 435 hp engine and heavy duty Mack S440 axles featuring the new C150/151 carriers which come standard with diff locks, the spec reflects Mack Trucks’ ability to custom build application specific vehicles.

According to Mack Trucks general manager Dean Bestwick, there are exciting
times ahead for Mack. “I am pleased we are once again producing Pedigree Mack
trucks here in Australia,” he enthused. “The Elite drivetrain, complete with gold bulldog, is now available for the Granite and Trident models and I am extremely proud of the performance of these vehicles. Drivers can expect to see many more gold
dogs on our roads in coming months.”

In other Mack developments, the company has announced that following intense customer demand and anticipation it will start taking orders for 16 litre MP10 powered Super-Liner and Titan models from September this year.

With a top rating of 685 hp, the MP10 is the most powerful engine ever released by Mack and will be also the most powerful engine available in a conventional (bonneted) on-road truck in Australia.

Coinciding with the MP10 release, a higher capacity Mack mDRIVE 12-speed
automated transmission will be offered. The beefed up ‘box comes standard with the 685 hp rating because according to Mack it’s the only transmission strong enough to cope with the corresponding 2300 lb ft torque output.

The first MP10 equipped vehicles are expected to be delivered mid-2012.

Gold, Gold, Gold. Mack is once again offering Granite and Trident buyers a Pedigree driveline comprising MP8 SCR engine, Mack transmission and Mack drive axles


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