Lusty’s spot-on solution to discourage theft

In order to combat theft of trailing equipment and in the process help transport operators protect their valuable assets, tipper manufacturer Lusty EMS is now integrating DataDotDNA technology into its trailer builds.

DataDots are tiny microscopic discs that contain identification information linked to the equipment and its owner.

“Each DataDot is as small as a grain of sand and literally thousands can be easily sprayed or brushed onto various locations underneath and within the trailer,” Rick Child, national sales and marketing manager for Lusty EMS explained.

DataDots play a crucial role in the recovery and return of stolen equipment as each contains a unique code that is stored on a secure national database which can be accessed by police when investigating theft. For those who are fastidious about the appearance of their trailer, Rick is quick to point out that DataDots do not interfere with the quality finish.

“They’re virtually invisible to the naked eye and can be identified only by using a UV light and magnifying glass,” he affirmed. “And because they are located in a number of areas on the trailer, it is virtually impossible for anyone to remove all the DataDots.”

Warning stickers on the trailer act as a deterrent to thieves and some operators may find insurance premiums reduced due to the application of this anti-theft technology.


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