Losing the Covid Plot Completely

losing the Covid plot completely

The crisis around the Covid-19 situation becomes more and more fraught as time goes on, we need to try and get some rationality here, before we end up losing the Covid plot completely. Each state border sets us a different set of tasks, while the trucking industry is being hamstrung by a distinct lack of clarity on the part of those setting the rules.

The situation gets further confused by trucks blockading the Pacific Highway as a supposed protest for freedom, by truck drivers looking for an end to the lockdowns and against the mandating of vaccinations. Two trucks and plenty of airtime for those involved.

Now is the time for clear thinking and well informed decision making on the part of those working in the trucking industry and government, who should be capable of taking clear and decisive action and sticking to a principled position. It is also the time clear thinking on the part of the trucking industry, in order to send a distinct message to all involved on how to keep the country moving during this crisis.

Unfortunately, the one thing which seems to have left at the roadside is the basic needs of Australian society. The supply chain needs to be able to work efficiently through this crisis, in order to avoid the Australian economy falling down a large black hole.

In order for that supply chain to function there needs to be clear, rational and consistent set of rules around the transport of freight. Those rules need to take into account the best interests of the health of Australians, but just as importantly the health and wellbeing of those working in the trucking industry, making the supply chain work so that there is no panic in the supermarkets

Instead, we see the feds and state politicians spending more time scoring points off each other and garbling the message to the point no-one really knows just where they are going, and they will probably change their mind next week. Everyone is losing the Covid plot completely.

For someone working from home on Zoom, not knowing where you are going is going to be a minor issue. For a trucking industry criss crossing the country with the goods which keep the wheels of economy moving and keeps the population in food, drink and all of the the necessities of life, not knowing where you are going is a disaster.

Yet again, our priorities and the things which need to be put into place for the logistics system to work safely and properly are being ignored by our leaders, as they score points and think up sound bites.

I’ll see you in the queue for toilet roll.

losing the Covid plot completely