Looking for the Gaps in Safety Systems

looking for the gaps in safety systems

A fully revamped safety assessment tool which can be used when looking for the gaps in safety systems for trucking operators is now available in the second coming of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulators’s Gap Assessment Tool.

Queensland Transport and Main Road Minister Mark Bailey said the NHVR’s Gap Assessment Tool had been simplified and upgraded to assist operators to examine their current systems against known risks and recognised best practice.

“Heavy vehicle operators tell us they want a quick and easy tool to assess their business’s safety compliance with their Chain of Responsibility obligations,” said the minister. “Now more than ever we want the entire supply chain working together to assist drivers to operate safely and efficiently.

The re-launched Gap Assessment Tool included a number of new features, including:

  • Simplified recommendations which link to NVHR resources, website information, and external material such as the Load Restraint Guide and the Master Industry Code of Practice
  • Links to relevant National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme material
  • New easier-to-read format
  • Links to quick briefs and relevant sections of Heavy Vehicle National Law.

“The Tool includes a number of relevant questions which can be completed in less than 15 minutes and has been updated to link to the additional support information such as the NHVR’s Safety Management System material and the Master Industry Code of Practice,” said Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO.

“The updated tool replaced the original version which was launched in 2017 and used more than 20,000 times to support major changes to Chain of Responsibility laws which were introduced in October 2018.”

The CoR Gap Assessment Tool can assist parties in the supply chain to identify, assess and manage risks and obligations within the supply chain. Through a series of practical questions, the tool enables you to examine your business practices and system controls against known risks and recognised best practice.

The tool will help you determine your roles within the Chain of Responsibility and enable you to actively identify compliance and safety gaps, either across the entire supply chain or specifically by job role. 

The tool provides a dashboard to save reports, and generates recommendations as a PDF checklist based on the questions you answered. The assessment should take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete depending on your responses.

According to the NHVR, every person or company who is a party in the supply chain can benefit from the review of their business using the guided questions in the CoR Gap Assessment Tool.

To use the updated tool click here.


looking for the gaps in safety systems