Looking for Green Fridges

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The drive towards looking for zero emissions solution to help combat climate change takes many forms and in South Africa there is an initiative looking for green fridges for trucks and trailers transporting chilled and frozen goods. 

This video, originally posted by a German television company, not only shows us how basic the trucking industry is in a country like South Africa, but also explains how a new coolant is being specified for the refrigeration units on trucks and trailers. The new coolant being used is propane, a gas Australians will be familiar with, as it is used in the gas bottles on their barbecues.

In a country like South Africa the amount of fuel being burned, and consequently greenhouse gas produced, is relatively high, in global terms. Despite being a relatively poor country, there is an emphasis on looking for green fridges and other efforts to combat climate change.

If South Africa is producing a lot of carbon emissions, and can save around two million tonnes of carbon heading into the atmosphere, with higher average temperatures in Australia, its refrigerated freight is likely to offer an even greater reduction, assuming this technology has proven successful and meets strict Australian safety rules.

looking for green fridges