Looking After our Drivers’ Mental Health

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This video is the latest in a series of videos looking at several aspects of truck driver health, with this one talking about looking after our drivers’ mental health. The series has put together a number of positive thinking members of the truck driving community to give tips on improving truck driver health across the board.

Mental health is a particularly difficult issue for the trucking industry. Drivers spend long periods in isolation and away from home and this kind of environment can amplify any doubt and insecurities. In these Covid-19 times the isolation is further amplified. Drivers have to stay in their cabins at deliveries, there is little interaction at truck stops with social distancing enforced.

In this video from Whiteline TV, trucking people give their take on keeping your mind active and healthy. Hear from an experienced driver on his own battles with depression. 

Another aspect discussed is about fatal crashes, many drivers are first on the scene and it is important for drivers to seek advice if you are feeling out of sorts.

Health impacts on our bodies ability to function at peak performance so, if food is the fuel of the body, then what we read and listen to is the fuel for the mind, our team also talk about fuelling the mind with the aid of podcasts and audiobooks. If we put junk in, then, we cannot expect to get peak performance out of our mind either. This can lead to fatigue and other dangerous health concerns.

Healthy eating is an issue, modern roadhouse food compared to taking your own and the logistics of doing that are discussed. Eating plenty of fruit and drinking lots of water appears to be the main theme and staying away from sugar and heavy, fatty foods. Of course, if you are serious about looking after yourself, then a fridge is a must.

The speakers are not dieticians, but providing examples of how they manage to be successful in what they do, of course, one should always consult with one’s doctor before embarking on any change to our usual health management routine.

Exercise is one of the aspects of driver health which is a particularly difficult for the truck driver as there are few opportunities to get the kind of exercise available to people working in other occupations.

Driver mental health is becoming a bigger issue every year, but there is help to be had. If you are concerned about yourself or someone close to you:


looking after our drivers’ mental health