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Livestock scheme into TruckSafe

The trucking accreditation scheme, TruckSafe, and the Australian livestock transport industry’s quality assurance program, truckCare, are to combine to become a streamlined safety program for the road transport industry. As of January 2015, truckCare will become a voluntary module of TruckSafe, with operators now able to use both programs under a single administration and auditing system.

“The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) developed truckCare to provide a first class quality management system for businesses that transport livestock in Australia,” said truckCare Chairman, Kevin Fechner. “By incorporating truckCare as a voluntary module of TruckSafe, we will be reducing overlap and providing better value for trucking operators who put safety first in their business.




“ALRTA will retain strong involvement with the truckCare program, nominating two representatives to the TruckSafe Board to provide continuing livestock transport input. We understand that some of our members who are not accredited in TruckSafe may have some issues with transitioning to the program. However, we feel that this will provide the best long-term outcomes for truckCare and our members.”


Three truckCare representatives will be involved in TruckSafe, Stephen Marley (LRTAWA) and Graham Emery (LRTAQ) on the TruckSafe Board and Tracey Boschetti (LBCA) to the TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council.


“This consolidation is all about the industry coming together to improve our safety,” said TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley. “TruckSafe and truckCare are both leading safety management schemes developed by industry, for industry. Members of TruckSafe and truckCare will now only have to have one audit, pay one set of fees and deal with one set of paperwork. It’s a great outcome.”

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