Lights, camera and action as Webcke makes Brisbane Truck Show ads


Brisbane Truck Show Ambassador, legendary rugby league star, Shane “Warhorse” Webcke has been busy making the official television and radio advertisements for the Brisbane Truck Show, which will go to air in coming weeks.

This is Shane’s second tour of duty as the Ambassador for the Brisbane Truck Show and the CVIAQ would be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic advocate for the transport industry.

Shane is no stranger to the transport industry and used to run his own trucks, he even holds a Multi-Combination (MC) truck licence so he can drive the big rigs as well.

The former Bronco admits the last show was a bit of a dark horse with many wondering how it would adapt with the move to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC).

“The real positive from the last Brisbane Truck Show at the BCEC was how well it went, the exhibitors were happy and so were the many visitors,” he says.

He says the show was a definite winner for visitors and exhibitors and now people know what to expect at the BCEC it will mean an even bigger and better Show for 2013.

Growing up on a farm Shane says he developed an affinity with all things mechanical and so being the official Ambassador again this year is a role he is looking forward to.

“I’ve had a love affair with machinery in general all my life, but particularly trucks,” he says.

For this self-confessed machinery enthusiast he admits it was hard to walk around the Show in 2011 checking out all the latest gadgets, tools and transport equipment without stopping for a gander.

“Because I’m so interested in it, I find it hard to walk around without looking at everything,” he says.

For Shane this includes exploring all three levels of a sold out Show, in fact it’s the largest Show the BCEC holds, and discovering all the latest innovations from manufacturers and ancillary equipment suppliers is a definite treat.

“They’re all very innovative people and that’s why they are all coming to this premier event in this world class venue,” he says.

“You get to see all this exciting equipment coming to the market including the pre-release equipment from different manufacturers and some of the new methodology around tooling includes some really, really interesting stuff.

“Of course the big ticket items are very exciting with all the glitz, I love all that, but crawling around some of the smaller stands there is some really, really interesting stuff and some really clever stuff either just coming to the market or on the market already. Things that you just don’t get to see every day,” he says.

Shane says he goes away with a stack of cards from stands that hold things he thinks he may need one day when he gets back into running trucks.

“So from my point of view there is everything to look forward to at the Brisbane Truck Show – I will see you there, so don’t miss it!” he says.

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