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Launching the Latest Supertruck

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In the USA, Volvo Trucks North America has been launching the latest Supertruck at the American Trucking Association’s 2023 Management Conference and Exhibition this week.

“Volvo Trucks remains committed to leading the transportation industry in safety and sustainability and we are excited to share several updates on how we are shaping the future of trucking through advanced connectivity, engineering, and continual innovation,” said Peter Voorhoeve, President, Volvo Trucks North America. “At this year’s ATA MCE, we showcase our SuperTruck 2 with cutting-edge aerodynamic advancements and new technologies, many of which will shape the future of sustainable transportation.” 

Volvo Trucks’ SuperTruck 2 made its first public appearance at the event, providing a firsthand look at the advanced aerodynamics and weight reduction strategies that enabled the truck to beat both U.S. Department of Energy and Volvo’s own internal freight efficiency goals. 

Volvo reckons the styling and engineering cues from SuperTruck 2 are already being incorporated into the design of future generations of trucks.

The commission by the US Department of Energy was to create a truck that improves freight efficiency by over 100 per cent.

It included all-new cab design elements, including curved windscreen, mid-roof cabin with roof fairing, precisely-minimised cab width, all designed to reduce total body drag and save fuel.

Chassis ride height has been lowered, reducing frontal area, and therefore, aerodynamic drag. It can be raised by up to 75mm for low speed manoeuvrability and ground clearance.

External mirrors were replaced by Volvo’s Camera Monitoring System, reducing the size of the mirror arm and providing side and rear views with reduced air resistance.

The tyres were tailor-made to reduce energy expenditure and rolling resistance, while improving the SuperTruck 2’s overall fuel economy as it travels down the road.

At the heart of the SuperTruck 2 is its optimised powertrain, including a 48V micro hybrid engine, integrated starter-generator, electrified engine cooling, electric cab heat pump, single composite drive shaft and a lightweight drive axle.


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