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Latest acquisition for Linfox

The first of the new model Volvo FH 16 trucks has joined the Linfox fleet, with a presentation of the new truck to Lindsay Fox at a ceremony in Melbourne this week. The truck with the the personalised registration plate, FOX 001, was handed over to the trucking magnate by the, recently appointed, President of Volvo Group Australia, Peter Voorhoeve.


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“Safety will always be the key priority for Linfox and we have complete confidence in the Volvos that will be delivered over the coming months,” said Lindsay Fox at the presentation.


Volvo have sold a number of new FH models into various applications around Australia. The statement made after the presentation was made did not stipulate a number of trucks being delivered.


“We are extremely proud to partner with Linfox who take an industry-leadership position in advocating road safety for both truck driving professionals, and other road-users,” said Voorhoeve.


As a relative newcomer to Australia, Voorhoeve is on a steep learning curve in getting a handle on the Australian truck market, and its unique characteristics. Being involved in negotiating with Lindsay Fox, one of those unique characteristics, would have been a particularly steep part of that curve. We can be sure Voorhoeve is now up to speed on a number of topics.

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