Known as a Refrigeration Specialist

known as a refrigeration specialist

Carrier Transicold is a part of the global Carrier organisation, best known as a refrigeration specialist, which supplies HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies all over the world. That means the integrated network of support begins at the factory and ends with the end customer.

Altogether Carrier employs around 50 people around Australia, with many fulfilling maintenance roles in the company’s facilities around Australia. Tech Know visited the Carrier facility in Brisbane to see how the system works.

Technicians have to be able to handle all of the latest technology as well as working on units which can be as old as 20 years. As we know all levels of technology have moved forward dramatically over this period, but the technicians need to be ready for any kind of problem.

The latest fridges have changed over from the conventional set up, where the small diesel engine on a fridge unit would run the fridge and generate electricity to run the fans. Now, with the Vector design, a diesel generator supplying electric power to run a fully electrified cooling and fan system, with a much simplified system, the costs of maintaining fridge units has dropped dramatically.

known as a refrigeration specialist

Carrier Transicold workshops integrated service network covers a large part of Australia with service centres strategically located close to main roads, industrial centres and transportation hubs. Customers access help through Carrier Transicold’s OneCALL 24 hour nationwide emergency service..

Known as a refrigeration specialist, Carrier Field Service systems gives customs easy access to their fleet data with a customised portal. When combined with Carrier eSolutions telematics, along with temperature monitoring and GPS tracking, it also provides important maintenance information such as unit engine hours and other important data.

The connectivity available in a modern fridge unit means that the Carrier operatives can contact any of the latest generation units and pull down any of the required data about the service history and condition of the unit. The data flow can be used to give the operator and the Carrier technicians a heads up about any potential problems. 

In terms of maintenance agreements, Carrier has developed a tiered service model offering customers a range of options to meet the particular needs of their business. 

The basic Core tier is a maintenance scheme developed for customers who have a warranty, but in the long term will probably carry out most of the maintenance on the fridges themselvest.

Stepping up to the Enhance level of contract maintenance is more akin to the kind of contract maintenance system used by many operators for their trucks. There is a monthly fee based on the type of work the fridge units have to do and what their maintenance requirements will be.

The Elite maintenance plan offers the most comprehensive service available to Carrier customers and it is said to have one purpose, to provide customers with complete peace of mind. Carrier will manage the customer’s maintenance program for them. In fact, what is happening at this level of support, is that Carrier is actually managing the fridge unit for the customer. It is monitored and that data is analysed to look for early signs of any possible issues with the aim of making preventative interventions to keep the fridge unit running at its most efficient and reliable. 

known as a refrigeration specialist

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