Kenworth has released a limited edition T909 to celebrate its 90th anniversary

Kenworth has released a limited edition T909 to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The T909 Director Series will be available for a select few only with only 90 T909 Director Series to be built.

The Director series comes with a substantial list of extras and will be a collectors’ item. The Director Series comes with bonnet emblems and a gold coloured Kenworth bug and well as individual numbered internal nameplates, polished fuel tanks black leather Director Series embossed ISRI 6860/870 driver seat and KAB fixed rider seat.

It will also have embossed door trims and rear sleeper trim is optional. The dash will be opulent with cream and gold coloured instruments including an SCR gauge.

To add a bit of shine to this rare custom truck chrome accessories and other signature items include:

• Chrome air cleaner shields

• Chrome nut covers and hubcaps

• Stainless steel air intake pipes featuring the Kenworth logoT909LimitedEdition

• Polished rear mudguards

• Chrome intake snorkels

• Chrome horn covers

And that’s not all; it will also come with an array of polished and chromed light fittings and other special fitments.

All T909 Director Series will be built to client specifications including colour scheme and major components, subject to application engineering approval.


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