John of Douglas Tpt

PowerTorque-People-Slim_1This lights on the Hill Mack Superliner rolled into Sutton Forest Shell, driven by John, of Douglas Tpt. and Powertorque Magazine just had to get a quick photo.
John was quickly fueling up so we had to grab a quick chat and photo between tanks.He has been driving this truck for three years and it’s fitted with a MP10 685 hp Mack engine. John says he usually tows a fridge pan, however his current load was a little different being army mess units being freighted about to assess durability for purpose.
I asked John about the paint job and he explained that Tyler Douglas has another Mack decorated similarly which was used in a film clip tribute to Slim Dusty featuring Adam Brand and Troy Cassar Daley, and he decided to carry over the theme with this one.
(Apologies for the slightly out of focus photo John, in the rush I didn’t realise the camera had been bumped on to manual focus) even photographers balls it up sometimes. Sweet truck though.



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