In the field of major infrastructure construction and maintenance, timeliness is critical, especially with tight scheduling of operations and shortened project timelines. Hence, the use of hydro excavation (or non-destructive digging – NDD) is expanding rapidly. Fast-rising hydro vacuum manufacturer Vac Dig is now offering John Deere diesel power in its machines which has met with great approval from its customers.

Vac Dig recently delivered its first John Deere-powered 3000 litre hydro vacuum and its benefits have already been noted; models up to 12,000 litres are now in process.

“This machine is fitted with the John Deere PowerTech™ 4045T diesel engine rated at 93kW (125hp). It’s a 4 cylinder 4.5 litre turbocharged engine rated for heavy duty,” Vac Dig’s Luke Farrell said, while signalling that other John Deere engines could feature in other future models from the company.

When the scheduling of operations is tight and project timelines shortened, any downtime at all can disrupt major projects and maintenance, inconveniencing business and community, Luke explained.

Over more than 27 years, Power Equipment has achieved an excellent reputation as a high quality supplier of engines and associated products.

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