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Based in Melbourne, K&S Freighters offers road, rail and coastal sea forwarding services to a broad range of clients around Australia, including OneSteel, The Laminex Group, BlueScope, Caltex, Inghams, Norske Skog, Alcoa, BHP Petroleum and Coca-Cola.

“In terms of road transport, our fleet has about 5,500 assets, including approximately 1,500 trucks and nearly 3,500 trailers. Most of our vehicles are IVECOs, as well as other European and North American trucks,” K&S Freighters National Maintenance Manager, David Burgess, said.

For the past 25 years, the company has sourced parts and accessories to service this multi-brand fleet from IVECO’s parts operation.

More than just a service focussed on IVECO vans and trucks, this program covers all vehicles, regardless of make. As a one-stop-shop, IVECO Parts has a huge range of affordable parts for European, Japanese and American trucks along with trailers.

“K&S have over 18 Maintenance Facilities around the country which carry consignment stock from IVECO. Their stock represents about 75 – 80 percent of everything we hold in our workshops nationally,” David said, adding that the remainder of the work involves remote depots where the company chooses to rely on external repairers.

K&S Freighter’s long relationship with IVECO Parts began as a natural consequence of the fact that they always ran a lot of IVECO vehicles on fleet.

“That was the original basis of our partnership, but it’s evolved since then. These days we use them for a large part of our maintenance business,” David said.

K&S Freighters is now part of IVECO Parts’ ‘Fleet Focus Program’, which involves tailoring parts and accessory service to each customer.

As a basis for the program, IVECO along with each individual dealership conduct regular (weekly or fortnightly) stock takes and replenish stock accordingly.

The Fleet Focus Program makes it possible for a lot of K&S workshops to work an afternoon shift. It creates an avenue for them to carry out repairs at night, without the fear of running out of parts.

“That means a lot when you’re trying to support a large range of trucks nationally and have several workshops in remote areas,” David said.

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