IVECO gets to grips with gas – 500 Stralis NP (Natural Power)| TRANSPORT NEWS

IVECO is well into the alternative fuels market as illustrated by a recent order in Europe for 500 Stralis NP (Natural Power) models which operate using LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), providing a reduction of up to 10 per cent in CO2 emissions and up to 50 per cent less NOx compared to equivalent diesel-powered trucks.

As a further benefit, the Stralis NP models also provide reduced engine noise of up to 50 per cent, an important consideration when operating in urban areas, particularly during the night.

The first 150 vehicles will enter operation in 2018 by joining the Jost Group, with the remainder to join the fleet by 2020, helping the company to  achieve its goal of running up to 35 per cent of its total fleet on natural gas by the end of this time frame.

IVECO Australia Marketing Manager, Darren Swenson, said IVECO’s latest natural gas technology in Europe could eventually make its way to Australia depending on market interest.

“European operators have shown strong interest in gas-powered commercial vehicles both LNG and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), and are proving that natural gas is a viable alternative to traditional diesel power,” he said.

“Locally, different geographic conditions and a fledgling refuelling network provides some challenges to the wider adoption of natural gas-powered vehicles here, but gradually this situation will change.

“In Australia, IVECO has already had initial success with natural gas, having previously offered CNG-powered variants of selected Daily, Eurocargo and Stralis models.

“When market requirements for natural gas vehicles further develop here, it’s reassuring to know that at a global level, IVECO is at the forefront of research and development in this field.”

IVECO was the first manufacturer to pioneer the use of natural gas in a commercial vehicle application in 1991, and today more than 22,000 IVECO gas-powered vehicles have been sold.

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