It’s a Question of Space

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When it comes to car drivers, and their behaviour around trucks it’s a question of space, as it is demonstrated in this new video from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. It’s a simple message, the car driver just has to understand the need to give a truck space in which to manoeuvre in traffic situations.

The big one here is the car coming up on the inside of the truck which is indicating to turn left and has moved into the right hand lane in order to get enough swing to get around the corner. Cars regularly get crushed in these situations as they completely ignore the indicator being on and fail to understand the reason for the truck to be in the right hand lane, but indicating left.

This is one of a number of situations in which the space around the track needs to be thought about carefully by the car driver. One of the bugbears which persistently annoys truck drivers is when car drivers jump into the space in front of the truck. This is the space which the truck Driver has left empty in order to allow for braking time. By filling this space, the car driver has forced the truck to slow even further in order to maintain a safe braking distance in front of the vehicle.

As to whether a campaign like this from We Need Space, on YouTube, will have the kind of is cut through which is needed on this subject is a matter for debate. These videos can be seen as a useful resource, but unless they are promoted and distributed out into the general population, they will not reach the target demographic for which they were designed.

This is the issue with many of the safety initiatives which the trucking sector has trying to mount over the last 30 years. The message is clear and safety orientated, but in the vast majority of cases the general public is not listening and does not care. For many other people, who are deaf to the concerns expressed in videos like this there is no issue, the truckies are to blame.



it's a question of space



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