Isuzu’s Ready-To-Work Range – More Than Just A Truck

suzu’s Ready-To-Work range - more than just a truck

Over three decades of market leadership in any industry affords you a prized vantage point to truly understand the needs and wants of your customer base, a fact demonstrated by Isuzu’s Ready-To-Work range – more than just a truck.

This is certainly the case for Isuzu Trucks, with 32 consecutive years at the top of the Australian truck market and the country’s largest truck dealer footprint. 

With over 160 models across the model line-up, the brand prides itself on understanding Australian customers’ desires, and in turn, responds by supplying products that are reliable, durable and efficient.

Facts and figures

Confirming this intimate synergy between customer, dealer and OEM, Isuzu Trucks recently commissioned the largest ever Australian road transport survey – The Future of Trucking Report: The Road Ahead (FoT). 

Sampling feedback from over 1,000 Australian road transport fleets and operators, the findings revealed a myriad of business inputs facing transport businesses and their bearing on overall profitability. 

Staying on top of it all is a task that requires close attention, vigilance, the desire to continue learning – as well as a hunger to find new, better ways of doing things.

One of the key FoT findings showed that 64 per cent of Aussie fleets believe ‘lifetime,’ or total cost of ownership (TCO) costs are more important to consider than upfront purchase costs. 

These include a range of other fleet operating and TCO costs such as fleet servicing and maintenance.

suzu’s Ready-To-Work range - more than just a truck

Horses for courses

A key pillar to a shrewd TCO approach is understanding and managing appropriate resource allocation. 

Specifying an efficient, application-specific solution remains at the core of this approach. It is an ethos Isuzu Trucks has taken and thoughtfully refined over a 32-year tenure at the top.

From the opportunity cost of passing up work when suitable vehicles are unavailable, to trucks facing downtime due to harsh driving on unsuitable terrain – ensuring the right equipment is specified for the task at hand is simply critical. 

Well specified vehicles mean well-managed compliance, reduced downtime and, ultimately, dollar savings from an efficiently performing piece of equipment.

Ready and raring

This is where Isuzu’s pioneering Ready-to-Work range once again comes to the fore. 

First to market back in 2003 and covering a plethora of trade and related industry applications, Isuzu’s Ready-to-Work formula represents quality, efficiency and reliability.


With options aplenty, Isuzu’s Tipper line-up has a broad GVM span, from car-licence 4,500 kg units, through to the larger 14,000 kg GVM FSR 140-260 Tipper.

With no less than 18 models in the bestselling range, each vehicle is built tough with both versatility and rugged functionality top of mind. Added to this is the peace of mind of having a Japanese quality-built tipper body with a full factory warranty.

With multiple transmission options on offer as well, a good swathe of everyday materials handling tasks are aptly covered by this broad and unrivalled line-up.


Complementing and building on the popularity of the light-duty N Series Vanpack ethos, the growing Freightpack range was officially previewed in 2019.

Again, responding to customer demand and prevailing requirements of the Australian freight task, the F Series Freightpack line-up (including FRR, FSR and FVL models) delivers more solutions, more options for Australian freight operators and greater economic efficiencies for those with road transport as their main game.

Variants across the Freightpack range include three engine variants (240 PS, 260 PS and 300PS), both Automatic and Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) variants, and a range of pre-bodied curtain side solutions covering 10, 12 and 14 pallet configurations.

suzu’s Ready-To-Work range - more than just a truck

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