Isuzu launch oil and lube guide

The range provides high levels of protection and performance, as well as assisting in the reduction of exhaust emissions for a cleaner environment for all brands of commercial vehicles not only Isuzu.

This online search tool is designed specifically for workshops, dealerships and customers who can look up different oils for their trucks in any application.

Regardless of whether the customer has a 4WD, light, medium or heavy duty commercial vehicle, they can click on any brand model, find the model year and the reference guide will provide the best matched Isuzu oil for the vehicle, eliminating the possibility of confusion.

Once the reference guide finds the right model, it will offer oil, lubricant and coolant suggestions for different transmissions, power steering, brakes and cooling system.

According to IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, the new easy-to-use search tool will make the oil and lubricant buying process a lot simpler for customers.

“Whatever your choice of vehicle, you can now ensure it has the right Isuzu Lubricants to keep it running at peak performance,” Mr Plunkett said.

The online search tool can be accessed at the Lubricants and Batteries tab and ‘What Oil do I use?’ heading.

Isuzu offers an online hand choosing the best oils and lubes.
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